That Pesky MRI Dance

This summer is almost over. It is hard to believe. Two weeks from tomorrow and I will be taking those cheesy first day of school photos.

So, I will start with the big news. STABLE MRI! Whoah, slow that down for a min. What does that mean? Technically, John is terminal. He was predicted to be dead two and a half years ago. Technically, John’s cancer began to spread again 2 years ago. Technically, stable means that cancer is doing absolutely NOTHING. It is not behaving as normal brain cancer would. It is just sitting there hanging out…….for over two years. What does this mean? PRAISE GOD, THAT’S WHAT! Here are some photos…..My favorite photos of the year.

2016-08-16 11.33.42

The first photo is of his original tumor we discovered on May 29th, 2013. What you are looking at is the right side of the photo. That huge mass full of black spots that is slightly brighter than the gray surrounding it is his brain cancer. The left side of the brain has a big black hole. That is his ventricle. It is blocked and full of fluid. It should not look like that. If you follow the midline of his brain, it is physically situated over his left eye (its actually opposite of the MRI, but for simplicity purposes we will use the left and right of the MRI image) Follow the midline and see how it is pushed all the way next to the ventricle on the left side? That’s how massive his tumor was. 2016-08-16 11.34.39

The second MRI image is the day after surgery. There is only a tiny rim of actual tumor left that is indistinguishable from the white you see. The white you see is not cancer, it is blood and inflammation. The giant hole on the right is where that tumor was. The space in the (top) front of his skull is full of fluid. His original tumor bed would over a year collapse and his brain would readjust itself. See how smashed up his brain was?2016-08-16 11.36.10

The third MRI images are hard to get a close up on. The two side by side images at the top of the screen are of the same plane of the brain. On the north edge of the black circle where his original tumor used to be is cancer that has been sitting there for over two years. Doing nothing. Obviously white, obviously cancer (from what the Dr. says), and kind of looks like a puzzle piece. Here’s the thing. These two images, side by side, are 8 months apart. He is a miracle. Even a slow growing cancer would not stop multiplying for over 2 years.

He is a miracle. This, folks, is what God calls a miracle. These images are proof that God still does Miracles. I will shout it from the rooftops till the day I die. No chemo, no radiation, just surgery, lots of prayer, anotinting, trusting God, and waiting. BTW, he has anaplastic ganglioglioma. Google the cancer, it is one of the deadliest on the face of the earth. I don’t claim to know how God always works. After all His ways are not ours. But, God stopped it in its tracks. Its insane for me to look at the evidence that my son has terminal brain cancer with regrowth, and its doing nothing.

When people ask me how my son is doing, I kind of get stuck. Then I break out into Praise. It really is amazing. When I tell people he is fine, they are amazed. 24 other people were with me in the room the day he had surgery and heard how horrible the news was. I know that this testimony will reach far and wide. God’s grace and mercy are abundant. He knows the desires of our heart. He hears our prayers. He loves us deeply. Some folks think that they have to give their kids over to God at 18, when they drive away to college. I learned I had to give mine over from the beginning.

Much love, Faith


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