It’s Christmas!!!! So, Here We Are Again…

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This week was such an up and a down. The kids had their school Christmas play, it was a smash hit! I can not wait to get the videos uploaded to youtube! John was nothing less than a show stealer, even though he was just in the singing portions of the show. He showed up, larger than life! I videoed the singing portions and I laughed so hard I actually snorted. I don’t think I can edit that out. It has been a week of reconnecting with friends we consider family and some problems.

Fireman Kevin showed up even on last minute notice to see the kids Christmas play. Christine was home on a break from exams and came to see her little man too! I was so grateful! I have been very disjointed this year. We haven’t been by the firehouse much. Life just kinda got real busy once John started school. Its intense trying to keep up his schedule of therapy, drs apts, school work, volunteering at the school, and working with the non-profit. It has me burning the candle at both ends. But, I think it leaves me personally in a better place.

Im happier and more relaxed. The last 18 months have taught me how to get out of trauma mode and back into a relaxed life with balanced priorities. Not easy with a child who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. But, its been a good good good year.

So, last year right before Christmas we had a scare. We came to found out it was carbon monoxide poisoning, not cancer like we thought. This year, as luck would have it, we have another scare.

I’m not going into too much detail on purpose. I want to focus on the CELEBRATION aspect of the holidays. Anticipation building for the children. Remembering others and how important the relationships are to us. I want to focus in on family and friends.

Tonight was special.

Please remember us Christmas Eve. We will be getting a phone call that tells us if the cancer has spread or not. We will not be disclosing this to anyone until after Christmas. The brain/spine MRI is on the 23rd. Next wed. It was ordered in an expedited fashion. So, were praying again for one more miracle. Just a crumb from Jesus’ crust of bread. Just a touch to the hem of his robe. Just what the dog’s lick off the floor. That is all it takes to turn Faith into Action. So, you can pray for a crumb to fall on our floor.

We are happy and celebrating. I am not really telling John unless he asks that he is having an MRI. I know he knows he is struggling a bit physically, but I will not hamper his determination. I want for him what he wants more than his little heart can ever understand. My Hope is placed in God.

Thats as much as I can say for now,




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