Funny Things Happen When You Pray

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I pray all day long, even when I am angry with a situation God hands me. I talk quietly in my head with Him while I work. I talk to Him in the car a lot. I talk to Him out loud, often. I have hit walls in certain conversations with God, where it seems He just doesn’t hear me. But, when God decides to grant your prayers, He always delivers Big.

So, Hope attend a cute little soccer camp 2 years ago. A week long church run clinic. It was inexpensive, all her friends were there, my friends were there, it was summer, there was nothing to do, so we went to play. She came out of the clinic begging me to play soccer. I looked around. It was just out of my budget…I told her, if you want to play soccer, God is going to have to pay for it. So, your job is to pray and tell God how much you want to play the sport. I gave her the advice to not stop praying about it. She inquired at the beginning of the school year again about playing soccer. She proudly presented me with a flyer from school about Denkyem Sports Academy Indoor Winter Soccer. My heart kinda sunk. I quickly dismissed the flyer and said I would keep looking around. Indoor is much more expensive than outdoor. But, please Hope pray to God and tell Him you want to play soccer.

Around the same time the flyer came out, I started taking some classes at Fountain Of Life Church in Columbus. I was trying to get back to church and make some new relationships and learn again. God softened my heart about Church again, so I thought baby steps. It had been almost a year since I quit going to anything aside from a small bible study and listening to sermons online. The kids were in school now and I began to get restless. I know I am not in a season of life that I can go back to school because of John. Talking on the phone to my best friend I debated getting a part time job. My heart wasn’t in it. Menial work serves no purpose. Plus, it would limit my flexibility with emergencies and John’s ever changing schedule of needs. So, she asked if I had prayed about it. I said, no not really. But, I will now. So, my prayer was simple.

“God, show me what you want me to do with my free time. My heart is restless and I am lonely. I need purpose. I need to give something back, but I don’t know how. Will you please just open a door? I promise to walk through it in faith. I want to use my gifts and to have purpose.”

That week Hope got an invitation to her new bff’s birthday party at the skating rink. I said, sure lets go. Her parents were in a couple of the classes I was taking at the church and I had sat with her mom at Hope’s birthday party and talked for hours. I like them, very nice people. At the party I see King and Serita, the kiddos parents’. King and I are standing on the side of the rink watching the kids skate, laughing at the wildly flying limbs on these kids who are just trying not to fall on their faces. He turns to me and says, “Faith, did you get the soccer flyer? You know that’s my Academy, right?” I said, “(insert groan, literally) King, I wish I could afford it times two.” King waived his hand dismissively at me and shook his head. He said, “No, No, No, your kids are going to be on my team. Were gonna work this out.” “Bring them Saturday morning and there gonna learn.” I said, “OK”.

So, In a separate conversation with Hope, I told her she had been invited to play soccer with her best friend. She literally jumped up and down and screeched! LOUDLY! She said to me, “Mom, everyone says God answers prayers, but He actually answered mine”! I smiled and thought to myself, she deserves this. She is going to love it!

I get a text from King the following week. In exchange for soccer, would I be interested in helping him with his charitable foundation, Denkyem Soccer Academy? He asked if i would be willing to do blogging and social media for him? I thought about it, I said ABSOLUTELY! I love to write! I love to blog! Wait, I know nothing about soccer! But, I can write about anything. So, lets do this! He emails me an invitation to a meeting. (I will discuss that experience next post). Its a meeting of his team of volunteers and coaches. Cool. I can take notes!

I call my bff after the meeting and draw out the whole picture for her of what I will be doing and what my kids will be getting for it. She laughs and says to me, “You do realize God answered your prayer, right”? I laugh and say “yes, I guess He did, didn’t he”??

So, now I am technically employed as a writer. I am going to work now, towards publishing my first book. Its been written for two years. I have a willing editor and publisher. I can’t wait to see where God is taking me. I think the writing bug has bitten me. I’m thinking on a collaborative effort with another best friend. So, yes….God answered my prayers. And, as I read my post to my daughter before publishing…she is beaming!

With Great Love, Faith

p.s. come visit my new blog


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