It’s Just Wanting To Be Normal

OK, so there have been a few changes lately. We are involved in a high level training soccer program. I have been invited onto the Non-Profit Denkyem Sports Academy team Ministry. Hope has wanted to play soccer as long as I can remember. John wants to play every sport possible. I have taken up a position in blogging/social media/marketing/ non profit sports league. I adore the culmination of all of my skills in a flexible work time. Its an amazing opportunity for my children. It is a new branch of a ministry that has been tried and true. My kiddos get professional training and skills workouts, access to premier leagues and training, for my work online. Fantastic! It is a win win all the way around. For sure. The whole character approach is fantastic! I am totally in with every aspect.

Today was John John’s first 4 hour work out. Accommodation is given to him in consideration that this is a therapy of sorts for him. His brain needs to continue to mend and heal. It is a big part of his recovery. John tends to push way way way past his limits….on a regular basis. I never discourage this. He needs to push and push to achieve his potential. Hell, he has been given the very gift of healing and grace from God Himself!

I just have to learn to facilitate. He has goals. I am in no position to do anything other than to try to make it happen for him. He is DRIVEN to achieve. He is willing to take the pain for the gain. I know this about him. I was hesitant to bring him into this level of training. I count his calories meal by meal, painfully aware of the potential for muscle wasting. Hope has lost a few lbs herself through this first month. I expected that. But, John’s lbs are more preciously coveted.

So, how to strike a balance. His leg hurt (his brace is too small and he just came out of two weeks in a cast). He developed a new blister in his brace today. Ugh…..I am at a point of trying my best to temper his activities with Sams size boxes of protein bars. How can I strike a balance? A new brace is on order. Maybe next week?? So, I stick his legs in a nice episom salts bath after practice.

Then Dad drops a bomb. He is choking and vomiting on food at an increased rate. I tend to walk away from meal times. I have an active bleeding ulcer and am not tolerating food very well. I am allergic to ALL antibiotics and am not sure what to do except feed my family and stay away from food. I’m waiting on a GI consult for myself. But, me aside, the choking issue. It is making John avoid food…this is problematic at its best.

John struggled with this after his brain surgery and relearning how to swollow. It was a long and arduous path. I have made eating as easy as I can for him. I meticulously separate food and try to minimize the varying texture issues that tend to make him choke. Its apparently getting worse. OK. Do I consult OT? PT? GI? I am totally at a loss and in fear of a sugar laden feeding tube formula. So, sigh…….impasse……impasse…….white flag……

Anywhoo, Shout out to Mrs. Alyssa……we were thinking of you today……

With the weight of many worlds on my shoulders,



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