That cheesy “fight song”

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I know, that if you follow my blog, you have all seen my video with “The Fight Song”. At first I was embarrassed that I had put out a video to that particular song. But, as my kids made me play it over and over again, I understand it was both of their songs.

We were at chucky cheese, and the song came on….both of my kids belted it out from the skiball area like it was the gospel. I thought about it and googled the lyrics. You know, its been two years. Things have gone way to fast, I am sure my son has wrecking balls within his brain. The new normal, is always that, new. And, I know he sends big waves that cause people’s hearts to open. I know he has more to say……..He wants to scream his struggle, he wants to reclaim what is his. He has loss, and he has had a hard time adjusting to the brain damage, because he has no control over it. He wants and fights just to be normal. He is a fighter. He is. I have watched, as countless other therapists and drs. Have tried to make him whole again. He has the firemen, and they rally behind him. He wants to prove himself, that he IS GOOD ENOUGH! He doesn’t care, He will fight to the finish on his end. He is not done. At all.

Life went from 3-9 months after surgery to 2 years 3 months! He is fighting and succeeding! And, he could care less what people say. I think I take that way more personally than he does. I DO STILL BELIEVE THOUGH!

I know that God’s hand is on this child’s cancer. I know this. I know it in my heart of hearts. He is like a small boat on the ocean, sending large waves into motion. And, he HAS made a huge impact in many many lives. And, I think EVERYONE believes.

Hope has had to join this Fight Song, and has a huge voice in how this situation has taken away from her life. She is a ROCKSTAR! She has taken the good with the bad and everyone was worried about her as well. She is thriving. I never knew what to expect from her. I thought she would be lost in all of this. I never knew how she would embrace this situation and help her brother thrive. She has been instrumental in normalizing his life.


She is a warrior too! She has had to take a lot of flack from John John. I admire her ability to maintain a separate identity from the situation. I think she is the strongest person I know. She was lost in the fray for a while, but always showed up with a smile on her face. I have heard her VOICE.

I love my babies and their joint fight to this horrible cancer. It has grown us all up a bit. We have all come to grips with the temporary fight we all live to stay on this earth.

My son may have more stacked against him, but it is not insurmantibale. I know we can beat this long past what these Dr.s have given him for a life expectancy. We will continue to monitor his brain cancer
Love, a Hopeful Mother…….Faith


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