Today Is My Favorite Day


Today I talked to Mike Lintulahti, assistant coach, University of Pennsylvania Basketball Team. It was a funny conversation in a way. I needed something today, and he needed something today. We filled each other’s needs.

I was feeling despair and longing for a purpose. He was having a down day.

I answered the phone and was very happy to hear from him. We invited the U Penn Basketball team over for Thanksgiving. I had been waiting for a call. I am usually upbeat even when I am struggling. So, I answered happily. The conversation that ensued was epic!

I was reminded of John John’s purpose on this earth. “Every day is a day to celebrate life. There are no promises of tomorrow”. And it struck me how inviting the team over for Thanksgiving was a sign that I still live in this mentality.

I know John’s cancer is in hiatus, and we are so grateful to God for Him giving us the holidays with our son again. Every day is not guaranteed. Tomorrow is borrowed. But, to really LIVE every day is a purposeful way of thinking. We must remember to embrace celebration and BLOW IT UP! Which is why I invited the team to dinner. When we celebrate, it should be a CELEBRATION! Life is good! We are gifted with every breath. We should seek to celebrate and share our joy.

Joy is a gift from God. Joy is what most of us seek through this holiday season, and I have it! I am joyous that cancer is not killing my son today. I am joyous that I have a beautiful family and home! I am joyous that I have people to invite into our world to celebrate joy with!

Were going to have a fantastic time! Thanksgiving is going to be wonderful! And, moreover, I was asked to share John’s message with the U Penn Basketball team. His message of Hope, Joy, Living in the moment, Loving every day as it comes…..I think it is an honor to speak into the young lives of the basketball team. And to serve them as well.

So, back to the phone call. I encouraged Mike and He reminded me of my purpose. I am here to spread John’s message of hope to the people around me. He is LIVING with brain cancer. Living………Not dying….But living as a vibrant, beautiful, happy, fun-loving, hard-working boy.

Mike walked away encouraged, and I encouraged as well. Today is my favorite day. This quote hangs on Mike’s office wall. It is true if you choose that it is for every day. I just thought I’d share.

With Great Love,



4 thoughts on “Today Is My Favorite Day

  1. Thanks for that beautiful message! You are an inspiration and a beautiful writer! Your son is absolutely adorable. I started reading about your son and his battle last spring and try to check in to see the updates. Lots of prayers are said for him and your entire family.

    I hope you have the most wonderful holiday and enjoy every minute with your beautiful children!


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