Encouragement For The Journey


I saw a request last week out there in facebook land for people to send emails to Aiden, the little boy battling cancer featured with John John in this news clip last year. He is terminal and fighting out his last precious days on this earth.

I yearn so much to give an open heart to other parents in my situation. I know the support given to me are like gold nuggets….I stick them in my pocket and pull them out when I need encouragement for this hard journey.

So, I wrote a short email to Aiden. I told him he is a fireFIGHTER. And that they know how to put out life’s fires. I put a small note at the end for him to tell his mother that my heart was with her. I don’t usually do this, but I put my phone number at the end. I don’t know why, I just wanted her to know she could reach out if she needed or wanted to.

I know there are times when I NEED to reach out. When I have hit my breaking point and all is not well. I just need to be heard. I prayed for this mother and her children. I have been for a year off and on again.

I received a phone call last night. It was Aiden’s aunt. His mothers sister in law. They were fielding all of the communication for the family. She expressed how much Aiden’s mother appreciated that email I sent. That it struck her as especially touching and she wanted to say thank you to me, but her son was dying.

My heart is breaking in a million ways for this family. I know what it is to have a child with cancer. I also know what it is to lose a child. What was expressed to me, was I encouraged this family. I gave them a little gold nugget to put in their pocket for later or whenever they need it.

Go drop a pebble into someone’s pond….see what happens…

With Sorrowful Love,



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