16 Months Of Hell

385fireman kevin 003

If you have seen this image, you know our history. 16 months of hell. Dotted with good times and good memories. yes….but mostly hell.

Because we did not have any viable traditional cancer options, we chose homeopathic treatments. Sounds nice, right? Yeah right. I am here to say that it is not an easy road by far to use homeopathic treatments to treat cancer. You are fighting for your child’s life in a blind world. Trying your best to find cures that have merit.

The only way to have any type of confirmation that what you are doing is working or not working is the dreaded MRI. And, the cancer’s mood and speed are factors in that too. So, really its all a guessing game.

After the horrible news that his cancer was spreading was given to us, we had to change course. We added new treatments on top of the old ones. It’s a veritable maze to figure out what is working and what is not. So, we just keep adding things and checking and double checking that nothing interacts with anything else. *sigh* It is such a long process of researching each individual thing. I could write a thesis paper on homeopathic treatment of cancer at this point.

Do you remember the old tales of your great-grandmother making your grandpa take cod liver oil everyday? Try getting a 5-year-old to take that. Or baking soda with maple syrup. Or veggie juice everyday. HE IS 5. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. But, with a tremendous amount of patience and attention we get it all down him everyday. And viola! The cancer stopped spreading.

An act of God? I think so! Homeopathy? I think so!

So, our lives are very complicated and a lot of time is spent figuring out how to stop the enemy and save our son’s life. I feel like if I don’t talk about this part of our lives in the fight, im leaving out most of our life. Does that make sense? We spend three or four hours a day coaxing John John to eat and drink the right things. Keeping him healthy is the only way to win this war. We just won a battle. His last MRI was exactly the same as the one before it. The cancer is in hiatus according to the doctor. We, in our own estimation, must have done something right.

Traditional treatment is quantitative. There are blood tests, bone marrow biopsies, and of course the scans. The only quantitative measure of homeopathic treatment is the MRI.

btw, beet juice is disgusting. just sayin.

Keep the love and prayers coming,



3 thoughts on “16 Months Of Hell

  1. Would love to know more about the homeopathic treatments that worked against the cancer as I have been diagnosed with cancer as well.

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