Another Pebble Dropped Into Our Pond Danielle and Josh Street

John Marandola-12John Marandola-37John Marandola-18

John Marandola-100John Marandola-49

The significance of a pebble dropped into a still pond is profound. It is an act of kindness that is selfless and can not be duplicated. Its ripple effects touch others lives and the blessing grows and you have no idea how far the ripples will reach, because you can’t see that far away. We have experienced so many of these pebbles in the last 15 months since John John was diagnosed with brain cancer, I can not even count.

Danielle and Josh Street dropped a pebble into the pond of our lives. The offer was simple, let us take pictures for you. I thought about it for a while. I love my children and professional photos of them would be priceless to us. We don’t know how much time on earth any of us has. I thought about John. I decided it was a great idea.

The choice of background was simple, John loves the firehouse and all the firemen. We decided to meet there for an evening of running around and fun. I’m thinking Danielle and Josh were probably tired after that photo shoot!

Back to the pebble. An act of love with no expectation of return was their pebble. They were simply doing what comes natural to them, taking pictures. It was a gesture of love and kindness. Part of the ripple effect is that we have beautiful photos forever of our children. Another ripple, our families will receive photos of their grandchildren. Another ripple, the firemen will have the memory of the evening and more time spent with John at the firehouse. Another ripple, John had a ton of fun. The ripples go on and on…..They have already reached 3000 miles away, and soon will go across the world to our friends there.

I wanted to thank the Street Family for the beautiful photos and put a link to their website here for all of you to look at. The photos on this post are theirs. These are a few of my favorites. They are local to NJ and attend Fac.

Josh Street’s Facebook Page

With love, Faith


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