Every Picture tells A Story


John in all of his handsomeness is getting his hair cut for the first time in a salon. Lindsay has been cutting his hair since he was born, but we brought him to her for the first time. He insisted on a scissor cut. Not a bzzzzzzzzzzz cut. He was vocal about his desires and very interested in looking in the mirror to see what she was doing.

Insert metaphor. We all watch our lives in a mirror of sorts, trying to see what shaping is going on. But, often we miss a part or parts of the cutting and trimming that is happening. We know that a situation is pressing, and yet we don’t see the superfluous crap being cut away from our lives. We know that death is a possibility, and yet we don’t see that our priorities have changed. We sense these things and yet do not acknowledge them. We feel a shift, and we can’t quite pin it down. its subtle. it is real. but not within our control or will. it is natural. it is The Holy Spirit within us trying to get us prepared and in line with what is to come. Good or bad.

If we are smart, we flow with it. If we are in tuned we let the feelings flow too. We know change is inevitable and even impending. We feel the pressure, we don’t cave to it….we adjust our perspectives to match its powerful impact on our lives.

Yes, I speak of life and death all in the same breath. It belongs in the same breath. It is all one in the same with God. I differentiate by saying that Jesus is the savior and creator. I am not the church of Oprah. But, death and life are all happening before our eyes. whether we acknowledge it or not. we are all dying, and we are all living.

John is no different. dying and living. one breath. It is in this realization that we remember to live life to the full as Jesus spoke of. To grasp love and live it. To be active in loving and receiving love. Be present. Be ready to adjust. Be ready to trim a bit off the sides of life…..

Lacking the right words,



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