People Are Moved By My Son’s Bravery


This photo came with the caption by Fireman Kevin

Firefighter John John had a visitor this week at the fire house. A US Marshal dropped off a hat, shirt, a signed junior deputy certificate and more. This little boy, with a huge heart, has touched more people than I could ever imagine and I have the honor of knowing him.

I can not express how this whole situation touches my heart. John John is producing a legacy that will follow him his whole life. His struggle and fight against brain cancer along with his deep love for life is touching others deeply. It moves me. We don’t know who left this gift for John John or how they came to know about them, but we love them. They will bring an excitement to our son and a new curiosity about life to his world. That my friends it what it is all about. He has a zeal for life that we all envy and want to catch a piece of. He is brave and knows no limitations on life. He does everything with all his being and his whole heart.

He has a family so big, I can not even count the number of people. His support base is wide and deep. My words are insignificant to tell his story. I try my best to let you all catch a glimpse of our world and all the love and blessings we receive. John loves life. He lives it deeper than most of us do. He has been afforded many opportunities to do things no other 4-year-old can experience. I think our being proactive and fireman Kevin’s love has set off an unstoppable chain reaction of love. It all started with a single act of love. You can read the beginning of this ripple in the world by clicking here.

The ripple effect of one-act of unselfishness can affect so many lives, you can never count. Fireman Kevin threw a pebble into a pond. You can read about some of the ripple effects here, and here, and here. It is amazing what we as people can do to touch others lives. It is inspirational. We now know a new depth of love and community that I wish everyone could experience.

I myself have never had this kind of community. It is a humbling experience to say the least. To receive love with no expectations has been a lesson for me. To accept help without asking is amazing. To be chosen and not have to work to be accepted is a huge hurdle for me to jump. I know that I am loved deeply without expectation of return. That is real love. And I am blessed to experience it every time I turn around! Wow! Just Wow!

Your child doesn’t have to have cancer to have this life. it is intentional. We sought out the firemen. It was there love that caused the ripple effect. We can all choose intentional community. Love spreads. Love pays it forward. People are starving for community. Go drop a pebble in a pond somewhere. With no expectation of return, and watch what happens. It has enriched our lives far beyond what I could have ever imagined!

with love,




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