John John’s 5th Birthday Bash


100+ People.

The party was a smashing success. As you can see the Evesham Fire Rescue were there in full force with a fire truck for John’s party along with Sparky the dog. What little boy gets to have a real fire truck at his birthday party??!!! Thank you for all the love! The University of Pennsylvania basketball team came. And a ton of friends and family, my father and stepmom even drove in from Texas for the party. Of course Fireman Kevin was there 🙂

I didn’t cry once. I thought I would be a mess of emotions, but it was a very happy day. John had such a good time, that he wore himself out! I will live on this day for a long time to come. I can not remember a more touching series of moments in one day. Fireman Kevin swam with the kids in the lake. Alyssa from CHOP jumped off the dock with John dozens of times and even went home with a minion tattoo. LOL!! The basketball team from U Penn came out in force with gifts and high fives all over the place. The Firemen let the kids climb all over the truck with their sandy feet and wet bathing suits. Sparky the firedog was John’s new best friend. He talked to him the whole time he opened his presents, even though all Sparky could do was give a thumbs up. 😉 . The Rescue Explorers from the Fire Department came out and helped the kids explore the parts of the fire truck. Friends cheered John on as he opened his presents. The whole sheet cake was demolished! I can not even unjumble the memories enough to get them onto paper yet. All John’s little friends were there. The kids ran the show. It was a love fest! Friends who work at CHOP sent gifts. Firemen who couldn’t come sent gifts. Strangers sent gifts. It was a very humbling experience on the whole. The party ran a cool 3 1/2 hours. It was a whirlwind of activity and fun. We had the largest chorus of happy birthday that I have ever heard!

I am eternally grateful for memories like this. Provided by selfless people. They are what lights up my world! Someday these memories may be all I have to look back on! I revel in the smiles and laughter. It warms my heart how much people care for our family. It’s a God thing.



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