Lessons I have learned from John John


This is my 100th post on my blog. I thought it should be about honoring my son for his impact on my life. My son has taught me more than I ever thought I could learn from watching a child grow. We all suffer, but the lessons I have learned through his suffering and our collective suffering will stick with me for the rest of my life. He is an inspiration to many people. His insatiable desire for life and fun. His laughter warms my heart and the things he says are sometimes more profound than he realizes. All his little boy wisdom wrapped up into a spitfire old soul.

Lesson #1 Always say thank you, even if it hurts

I will never forget a day about a year ago in the hospital where he needed a new iv. oh the sheer terror of being poked. he screamed and cried as I helped hold him down. the poor iv lady was almost in tears, then she lost it when she was finished and John John said, “Thank you” to her. Her reply was ” oh my heart is breaking, I think I need a new job”. he said thank you to the woman who just hurt him. I cried.

Lesson #2 If it is funny, don’t hold back the laughter

have you ever been peeved at something your child did and secretly go laugh when there not looking? I learned that when water shoots all over the walls in the bathroom because John puts his hands all the way up to the faucet, that it really is pretty funny to watch the water spray everywhere. When John covers his head with water and his hair is all crazy (water is a no no inside the house) and he exclaims “IM HANDSOME NOW” it really is funny….not to neglect the parenting part of this, but I don’t hold my laughter back anymore over stupid things. And yes, he loves water works….especially if it makes a grand mess.

Lesson #3 chill

I used to be so uptight as a parent. lording over every detail of the day. I was a master of the to do list. well, superwoman got thrown out the window. I cut that to do list in half so I can enjoy every moment there is to enjoy. I have slowed down, I enjoy watching my children play and don’t feel the pressure to always be doing something. Kids are fun to watch, there’s so much joy to be had in just watching them play. John comes up with some of the best lines. I swear one day he is going to have a monologue. “It’s very interesting that cheese sticks to butter noodles” ” It’s not very appropriate that you are telling me to stop it” “mom, I am having a good day but I think dr. bunielle (winell) is going to saw off my leg today” “tell dr. kang to not cut open my head today, im exhausted of headaches” “softball is fun, but I think they run funny around the bases”

Lesson #4 Don’t let anyone tell you where to set your expectations

John was given 3-9 months to live…..12 1/2 months ago. Drs don’t know everything. I was told he would have cognitive delays. He’s doing addition 1-10 at age 4. never-never put in cement what others expectations are for you. He is a tenacious personality and I do not believe for a moment he will not surpass every expectation placed upon him. I was worried about him walking in the relay for life with a cast on his leg, he walked almost 2 miles by himself. Hello! The expectations I placed on him, he blew to pieces!

Lesson #5 Be tender

Tender love is the best. He is such a fast paced little boy, I used to get frustrated trying to catch up to his mess and chaos. It left me irritated and distant. He has taught me that being tender yields better results with everyone. I still get frustrated, but I remember to have tender moments with him and connect on a regular basis. He has made me a better mother and person.

Lesson #6 Be inspired

Heroes make us better people. Having someone to look up to is always motivating. The fireman at Evesham Fire Rescue Dept have been John John’s heros. Especially fireman Kevin. John believes that the world starts and stops at the firehouse. He is in love with it. He would walk 2 miles for those men in a cast. They motivate his dream to someday become a fireman, little boys should have dreams like that. It is a driving force for him. We should all have a hero or something that inspires us to greatness.

there are so many more lessons that I could write forever. He is my inspiration. I love him dearly and he has taught me a lot about life.

With Love,



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