Evesham Fire Department’s little Hero aka John John


And they walked….together. All of the firefighters together as one. With John John in the front. They are a team. John John was their mascot and superhero.

I cried. They walked for life. They walked for cancer awareness.

I am definitely aware of cancer. I know all of the curses and blessings it brings into your life. It is a double-edged sword. It reminds you to live your life one moment at a time, and puts the fear of God in you because death is always one mri away.

Today was about life though. John John walked 10 laps (carried half the way) that is 2 1/2 miles, with a cast on his leg, I might add. He didn’t know what to think of all of the attention. But, the one thing he loves is firemen. Especially fireman Kevin, who has a heart of gold. The fireman in all their gear from head to toe, respirators, oxygen tanks, boots, and their outfits is prob about 100+lbs. Not to mention they were in virtual heaters as the sun beat down on them…they walked miles for people like John John.

They lived out the love they have shown us. They didn’t just adopt a little boy into their firehouse, the made him a part of their family. They honored him today and showed him that they stand beside him the whole way. that says a lot about these men. they all walked side by side with my son in support of his life. In support of his struggles. He will always have mentors and people to look up to. He has 50 or so superheroes that will hold his hand and stand by his side through his life. (yes i’m crying)….

What a gift! What a God given blessing!

My son is the child of so many men and women that care for him, love him, stand beside him. We are blessed with a large support system of people who believe in our son and are willing to help him on his journey. We love them all for that. They are our superheroes. As parents, we could never do this alone. So, we thank the firefighters at the Evesham Fire Department for all of their love and support. Letting them know it means more to us than just casual get togethers. We understand their hearts.

with much love,



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