John’s new news

Well, we saw the oncologist on Monday about the strange eye crossing that we are seeing. And here is what she had to say. It could or could not be tumor related. because it is not consistent she would guess it is not tumor related. But, we will have an mri after memorial day just to make sure. she was more concerned about the fact that the tone in his right leg had increased greatly and that he was up on his toe while walking even while wearing his brace (the brace is suppose to stop that from happening). So, she did a thorough neurological examination and decided that he was not having double or blurry vision. So, we put the eyes on the back burner until after the mri. Now, switching back to the foot.

Too much tone means that his muscles are so contracted that he walks on his tippie toe on the right side. This makes him fall and have poor balance. The brace is supposed to fix that (yes im getting repetitive like my grandma, bear with me here) But, when the hyper tone begins to allow him to lift his foot away from the brace, he gets blisters and begins to get clumsy. Hence the bruises on his knees and skinned hands. Poor kid.

We discussed the fact that he needed to see the orthopedist again to discuss our options on how to relax those muscles and whatever other anatomy in the foot causes him to tippie toe. Botox was mentioned. Surgery to clip something or another was mentioned. I kinda zoned out at botox…. I was thinking….hummmmm…. wonder if that will have some horrific side effect.

my mantra has been the least invasive, the better. botox sounded painful and invasive.

So, today we saw the orthopedist. we discussed the dreaded botox and she asked about the homeopathic footwash we are using as part of his treatment. (he has purple toes from it, how can you not ask?) But, her motives were not what I thought they were. she wanted to know because she had another option for us, but didn’t want to interfere with what we were doing to treat his cancer. (we like her very much and have recommended her to more than one person). she presented us the option of casting his foot in a 90 degree position or a greater flexion degree on a weekly basis until his muscles (or whatever other anatomy) is stretched out enough for him to comfortably wear his brace again.

I immediately said YES!! winner winner chicken dinner! YES! a non invasive way to solve the problem…..cha ching!


Notice the eyes. they are not looking in the same direction. (the reason we went to the oncologist). And the beautiful shout out to fireman Kevin for the red cast. John said Fireman Kevin will love this cast!!

How do I feel about all of this? I don’t think his cancer is back. I think his brain shifted and were seeing the product of that. he had a hole the size of a grapefruit in his brain and it continues to shrink down and shift to close in the hole. this is a product of brain damage. I would be surprised to see any new tumor on the mri. God is bigger than that anyway, so we had him prayed over last Saturday. I feel at peace right now with where he is. we can deal with a cast. it’s not much different from a brace, you just cant take it off. so, I say, let go and let God.

enough for now, with love,




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