New Symptoms

fireman kevin 003

have you ever seen a child look at you and have one eye go cross-eyed? nope? you’re not alone. But I did and so did my husband. Johns right eye is doing this periodically. It’s frankly a red flag. His tumor was on the left side of his brain. So for his right eye to be doing funny things is not good. I also noticed his right leg turning in more than usual.

He has a brace on his right leg and it tends to do its own directional thing. but, he is tripping on his left heel with his right leg. This is suspect.

*sigh* it could be everything, it could be nothing. so, tomorrow ill call the oncologist and get him in on Monday to be seen.

At this point we have become so comfortable in John’s recovery that we just don’t take things too seriously. So, when we call the doctor earlier than our scheduled appointment you know were a bit worried about what we’re seeing.

Theres this rollercoaster that we have ridden for 11 months that involves so many stages of acceptance, grief, and action. We are rather wrung out emotionally but intact. We know we are relying on God for our provision for John John’s health. We lean on that. We want a full recovery, but, recognize that at any time that could change.

he is healed until he is not. This is our mantra.

I will keep this short and sweet and just let you know we are concerned and will follow-up on Monday with the oncologist possibly with an mri shortly thereafter.

Keeping you posted, Faith


One thought on “New Symptoms

  1. The cross-eyed thing may be tumor related and may not be. This is what Christian’s eye did. We would be looking at him and all of a sudden there goes the eye. He could even blink and undo it. This is the age that it shows up if it has a genetic component. Christian started with glasses at 3. I saw another friend’s child’s eye go in momentarily. I alerted them right away. She was checked out and it was nothing. And of course there is the possibility of tumor activity. You never know what it is until it is checked out. We are praying for you.

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