How do we make sense of brain cancer that dosen’t follow the prognosis?


There is a giant tumor…life stops….surgery….the aftermath….the rehab…..the brain damage….then NO REGROWTH?

The doctors told us our child had between 3-9 months to LIVE. We took this blow and lived as richly as we could. it has become a culture within our home. But, 9 months have passed. The doctors are scratching their heads over this.

We praise Jesus for the miracle! We continue on in our fashion. But, what about what the doctors said? It is a nagging thought in my mind. I mean, let’s get real here….John was supposed to be dead by now. Gone. Finito. But, praise God he is still with us.

None of us really know what to say. It could be the homeopathic treatments, it could be a miracle from heaven, it could be chance, it could be that the stars shone beyond a certain rock just right. Sheesh. It could be any compilation of things that allow him to live. All I know is that we can never change what we are doing.

Spending hundreds of dollars on homeopathic remedies and keeping him on a rigorous schedule of treatments. Its daunting financially. It’s hard to imagine feeling comfortable with him being here enough to back off the homeopathic treatments. I’m sacred that if we do, the small amount of tumor left in his head will regrow. Or God forbid, spread.

Were between a rock and a hard place. For a change, ill say it’s not a bad place to be. But, let’s get real. No one has ever survived anaplastic ganglioglioma. No one. Not one.

This means nothing to me at this point. I choose to live in total denial of what reality might be. I am going to say he is healed until a doctor says he is not. That’s just how this one is goin down. I have settled down into the “all clear” we are so used to getting.

Believe me, ill know if it comes back before the doctors do. This mama is a details ninja. I know every little move they make. LOL! I also know when my child is changing. morbid. I know. suck it up buttercup, this is my reality.

Ninja mom, Faith


2 thoughts on “How do we make sense of brain cancer that dosen’t follow the prognosis?

  1. Just want you to know that although I don’t know you personally, I am a part of your church family and continue to pray for John John. God does miracles through our prayers – in Jesus name! God bless

    • Thank you Jan, I know the prayers going up to heaven are many….and we are so grateful for all of our faithful brothers and sisters In Christ. I really do believe this miracle is a result of all of those prayers. Its hard to wrap my brain around sometimes. I mean, WOW! God is big!

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