The day we officially beat the odds

Exactly 9 months today we were doing this. And then this happened to us.

We have been through a long 9 months. We were told our son’s prognosis was 3-9 months to live. We have celebrated in our own small ways every day that has passed. We have vacillated between hope and despair. Between believing he could beat the odds and sheer terror during the moments we saw him slipping backwards. It has been a long long 9 months.

Today we celebrate! Nine months ago today we were told our son had a massive brain tumor and a death sentence was pronounced upon his life. A short period of time that we were expected to watch him wither away into death. He is so far from what we were told he would be.

If he were here, it was predicted that he would have massive brain damage.

If he were here, he may not walk again.

If he were here, his cancer would have regrown and spread.

If he were here 9 months from that date looked like a hellish prospect.

Today, he has no sign of cancer regrowth. Today he walks just fine, he plays, he talks, he looks and acts no different from any other 4-year-old boy. Today we celebrate all of the healing that has occurred. Praise Jesus! We celebrate the fact that all the doctors were wrong about every aspect of what we were to expect.

John John is so full of life that no one can tell he HAD brain cancer. Thank God for today.


Love, Faith


3 thoughts on “The day we officially beat the odds

  1. Such awesome news! God works in mysterious ways. 🙂 I was wondering if you could answer a few questions I have. Could you email me when you have a moment? Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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