Paul Jolovitz & The U Penn basketball team

What a whirl wind of a week we have had! A concussion on poor John, U Penn basketball team adopted John, We met a sports announcer with very personal ties to cancer, John was discussed on the radio, and were packing for our make a wish trip. We leave tomorrow!!!!!!!

Alright, now the breakdown. U Penn. The basketball team adopted John through a program called Team Impact. It is a program to facilitate relationship and compassion between a team and a sick child. It raises awareness and also allows the child to feel part of something bigger… win win!


We went to the basketball game on Saturday at the Palestra center on the University of Pennsylvania campus, we went into the locker room, saw all the pregame plans and defensive lineups. It was very very cool….we were given floor seats and an invitation to any game or practice they have! Amazing!!!! (in my best mock Oprah voice). We met every player, the head coach, and all the assistant coaches! John got to oogle the mascot (who he decided looks a lot like Bluto from Popeye cartoons) and we met a friend.

I noticed the gentleman sitting next to me was wearing awareness bracelets having to do with childhood cancer. So I smiled and tapped one of his bracelets and asked about it. He told me about a close friend whose daughter had just received a bone marrow transplant a week ago. I told him John was battling brain cancer. We talked off and on through the game. John made a game out of giving this gentleman high fives through the whole game. (John only almost made it onto the court during the game once) hee hee…..anywhoo, I didn’t know who I was sitting next to. Paul Jolovitz, aka Jolly. He has a sports talk radio show on 94.1 fm Philadelphia.

He told us to tune in at 10 and we would hear what he had to say about John. (in the middle of a sports breakdown) And, as I listened, I cried. He had such compassion and warmth. You could tell he was moved. I called in to the show. We talked a lot about how God has the bigger perspective and we were just there to have joy in the moment. The rest of the night, callers were calling in to comment on our conversation. He called me again the next day to say thank you, when really it was I who wanted to say thank you.

Warm hearts in people are amazing to me. It is a sign to me that we are not all that different from each other. We all feel deeply and do our best to walk gently through this world. We try to be kind to each other and have compassion where it is needed. I feel this man dropped another pebble into the pond of our lives, not knowing how far the ripple would go and expecting nothing in return. Thank you Jolly!

Tomorrow we embark on our make a wish dream trip to florida. I’ll leave the details a surprise along the way with posts filled with pictures and stories of Joy had in the moment! I intend to laugh a great deal and be in awe at every detail of what we experience. So, pray for us as we travel. That we would all be well and John tolerates the business well.

With great Love,


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3 thoughts on “Paul Jolovitz & The U Penn basketball team

  1. I want to say I have been following your posts. I too am a Firefighter in TN. How touching your stories have been. I remember to check for new posts a couple of times a week. In my town we had a little girl named Emma White who passed from Cancer. She was a true inspiration to us all. And showed us to live in the moment. What a precious little MAN you are so blessed to have! I have Three Children myself. 13, 10, and 4. What a blessing they are to us.. Have a wonderful and memorable time on your trip to Florida. God Bless You and you Family. I’ll be looking for pictures and new posts in the near Future.

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