Beating the odds….Brain Cancer

fireman kevin 003


This photo was taken the week before we found out about John John’s brain cancer. Despite all the pressure inside of his head and the terrible pain he was in, he was still smiling. So very characteristic of him.

It’s hard to think about the trials of this year. It has been a doozie of ups and downs. But, we fought through it all. This is the eve of our 7 month anniversary of a death sentence of 3-9 months for our sweet boy to live.

I see him totally blowing this out of the water. He is not like most kids. He is a spitfire ready for action at any moment, a firefighter, a superhero, with a big heart, and the sweetest disposition.

He suffered major brain damage only to recover everything he lost in less than 6 months. Plus he is wearing big boy underwear. They told us not to even try until around his 5th birthday. They say it takes a year for the brain to finish shifting into its permanent position after such a catastrophic surgery. We have taken the ups and downs of shifting with the best of them. Fighting keeping weight on him, changes in his stability and strength. Behavior from hell and parenting him back into normalcy.

Parenting a child with these kinds of problems is not for the faint of heart. But, we did it. We made it through the year. No one can look at John and even tell he is different, not one iota different. He is as close to any other 4-year-old as he ever was. A huge victory for us. HUGE for him.

He embodies the very essence of life to me. He is winning. They thought the regrowth of his tumor would happen within a couple of months. It didn’t. The statics say 3-9 months. I say he lives to grow up. I say he has a family. I say he gets to be a firefighter. I say he is beating the odds and will continue to.

I say this year should be a fearless year that we embrace the moment. Where the joy of the moment is the most important thing. Not because of the threat of death. But, because of how we SHOULD live. I think that this year i woke up. I no longer miss the moments. I slowed down and am ever so grateful that I did. It is a lifestyle choice that I will continue to embody. I encourage you to also.

I say we embrace victory today. It is sweet indeed.

Love, Faith



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