A seed of love sewn into another persons life

We have all had those moments where a gift has caught us off guard. It is that sincere gift that is most unexpected and given with a great amount of love. It can  not be replicated in any way, shape, or form. It is wrought with love and sets a series of events into motion, grounded in love. It is the sort of gift that leaves you speechless and touched.

Like the necklace from Fireman Jim’s mother. Like the gift of shoes for John from the Sheth family. Like the gift from Barbara and her son Matt. Like the gift of Disney on ice a group of people pulled together to make happen for our family. The Rossetti family’s gift to make sure we had a good time at Disney on Ice. The fire truck from the Ciabattoni family. The welcome with open arms of Fireman Kevin’s family. The Christmas provided by Fireman Kevin’s Father Mike’s work.

We don’t know most of these people. Their mostly people our friends know, and have followed our stories. Or they are strangers whose hearts were moved into action.

It seems like a lot of just stuff. But, I will be the first person to tell you that the timing in our lives behind the scenes when each of these gifts arrived has been nothing short of a miracle. They arrived in moments when we were tired. Or felt alone in this struggle. When we were in despair and feeling isolated from the real world. When we were in a moment of fear and needed reassurance that everything was going to be just fine.

These seeds of love were sewn into our lives at just the right moment, when we needed them most. I can not explain what a sweet and gentle net of love this has created for us. I know that God’s hand is behind every one of these people, that He prompted and action of love to be sewn into our lives at the moment when we were praying most for reassurance. That gentle net of love has allowed us to settle into a life that has no guarantees. We know that we are loved by so many people. Our story has changes perspectives and lives. John John’s and our suffering is certainly not in vain.

I’ll gently retell the message that I am told has touched people all over the place…

Every moment is precious. Joy is to be had in the moment. Joy is not necessarily an available reflection if it is not felt right in the moment. Joy is what feeds us in the despair. It is what sustains us when we are down. Those are the moments when we look back and smile, knowing that this too shall pass. John reminds us to slow down enough to have Joy in every available form. Smiles are fleeting and emotion fickle. But, joy impresses itself upon our hearts with a searing type of memory that is sweet and lasting. But, if we do not slow down….we miss it. It is gone forever. We can not get back what is lost. So, his is a pivotal message. Stop what you are doing and capture all the joy your heart can stand to contain. By God’s grace, He will fill the gaps of your former life that was over scheduled. If you will just slow down, you will laugh all day long through all the silliness that happens along every day life. Believe me, there is plenty to be had in the moment day-to-day.

Our joy is not just in the receiving. Our joy lies also in the wonderment that another person, not even knowing us would want to sew love into our lives. It is a bewilderment to us. To be loved unexpected and with no expectation of return. That my friends is true brotherly love, in its purest form…

With that I will leave you with some pictures of joy…..

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2 thoughts on “A seed of love sewn into another persons life

  1. Well said dear friend!

    Know that our love for you and your family go beyond the here and now. You all are now part of my family and I love you all. Our meeting was all part of His plan.

    Oceans of Love,

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