Joy Upon Joy Upon Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so blessed as a family to be surrounded with so many amazing people. We have been lavished beyond belief this Christmas season! I am so grateful!

I started this season in a somber manner not sure how one celebrates a Christmas that seems to have a strange sort of doom attached to it. The pressure of playing mind games with myself caught up to me at the beginning of this season of the birth of Jesus and Christmas. It is suppose to be a joyous, uplifting, exciting time to celebrate life. I just wasnt feeling it. Really not feeling it. Fake it till you make it right? It is utter dependence on God during these times that carry me through.

So, many stories to be told. We had a total of 5 Christmases this year. (God smacking the Joy into me) provided by other families.

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This beautiful Christmas was the third of the year! After one from the Evesham Fire department and one from Fireman Kevin’s dad’s work….

Then this beautiful fire truck for John John provided my theĀ Ciabattoni Family, whom I have never met! Can you believe that? It was a fun evening of exchanging gifts and lovely fun! John bought fireman Kevin a fart blaster. Can you see the token fireman Kevin love glance there? Tee hee hee….so they had a war.


So of course there was a fart blaster vs fire fighter water squirter fight! Joy, again…I say Joy in the moment. that is the most important thing, grabbing the moment. to be IN the moment….I laughed with everyone else. It was lovely.

The next Christmas was from the Evesham fire department career firefighters. They heard of John John from the other firehouse and wanted to include him in their company. OH MY GOODNESS….the cuteness that followed was just amazing….

190 202 208


This is Fireman Jim…..Of course fireman Kevin was there…but, fireman Jim is now man number #2 in the lineup of fireman heroes! They were incredible! They provided a beautiful meal for us as well as a Christmas eve gifts and although quiet, quite a bit of emotion.

You see Fireman Jim’s mother cared for me at virtua during my own health scare and we had shared our common scares with cancer in our children. Her husband was present that day taking pictures for her while she worked. She sent me a card that made me cry, i held it for later, but it made me cry. She sent me a beautiful necklace that made my heart drop into a state i can not describe.

Who am I after all? I am a mother just like any other. The fact that one mother felt so connected to another that she did not even know enough to send such a beautiful gift brought me to tears later that night. (i tend to soldier through the emotional stuff) But, that made me cry.

Fireman Jim is a miracle and another blessing to say the least. His whole company is amazing. We were invited, accepted, and loved on. It is God showing up again reminding me to have joy. JOY!

I am always amazed when people who don’t even know us show us love….

we had our own small Christmas, it was quiet and sweet….

335 346

And then there was a suprise….A good friend of mine came the day after Christmas bringing many small packages filled with others love. There was one from the Sheth family for stride right shoes for John John….that will accommodate his foot brace…oh Praise God….what a relief! Thank you so much!

Then there was a Card from the Rossetti family with money to spend at the DISNEY ON ICE production tomorrow along with tickets from Ed Snider, the owner of many sports franchises as well as the Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia….Box tickets……Im blown away at this point (joy beat into my head) LOL! There was a card from my very lovely friend Barbara with money in it to enjoy a date with my husband with….and spend together. It was a deep gesture of love. I can not express my joy and gratitude. The sentiment is simply not deep enough. My heart is greatly moved……

I am reminded that past pain (the murder of my son Noah) does not have to dominate the season (John John’s uncertain diagnosis). It is a matter of the heart that is determined my frame of mind. I am grateful that the people and strangers around me saw fit to bless us with the joy of the season. Barbara Cornwell and her son Matthew saw fit to put all this together along with a few personal touches…I am reminded that Joy is to be had around every corner of this beautiful life. And it is a beautiful life. A very blessed one too. I am ever grateful. I feel as though the love connected to us goes in a web as far as i can see. And might i remind you, we are not the center…..just a catalyst.

With our utmost appreciation and love,



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