The story of the mass in the neck

My doctor said I had a mass in my neck. now, that’s pretty scary. a mass. wow…..

so, i went for the cat scan and waited like a good patient through the weekend. It was a rough weekend. I was worried and on edge to say the least. Monday comes around and the doctor says…well, were not worried about the neck. were worried about a spot on the lungs we see.

Woah, bout blow me for a loop. WHAT? The lungs??!! The nurse is defensive and vague leading me to wonder what is really on that report. So i drive to the drs office and demand a copy of my report. and it says there’s something on my lungs and my neck is swollen. ok….

I have two choices here. the dr recommends a ($45)pulmonologist. which would mean a second ($320) cat scan. and another visit to the ($45)pulmonologist. hummmmmm….or if i visit the er my co pay is $65 dollars and i get it all done in one shot. No brainer. off to the er. The drs knew me there because of john john….thank the good Lord and took care of me.

The long of the short is. I have and old virus living in my body that flared up again. it’s not contagious but i had it 9 years ago. apparently i have become so rundown that it has taken over. thus the swelling of my neck in a massive way. the lungs are clear as per the second whole lung ct scan. so, an overzealous interpreter had a field day on my first scan. the end. im fine. except for the Epstein barr virus reincarnate…

love, Faith


4 thoughts on “The story of the mass in the neck

  1. You poor girl! What a nightmare! It’s no wonder the Epstein Barr flared up. You are so run down to begin with. I have that too as a result of Lymes Disease. My kids always say, “Mom is always tired.” Seriously, sometimes, I think I could sleep all day, and it’s a struggle to stay awake and function. I’m praying for you.

    I’m sure the “mass” in your neck scared the living daylights out of you. I’m guessing that it was a swollen gland. (You didn’t exactly say what it was.) I can’t imagine going through that especially in light of John-John being ill. When your child is sick, you don’t have time to care for yourself –let alone be sick. We always put ourselves last. I remember years ago having a mass under my armpit (my best friend’s mom died from a lump under her armpit), and it turned out that my lump was an infected gland. Quite a scare.

    I miss you. Haven’t seen or talked to you in ages, but you are always on my heart and in my prayers. What I’ve been doing….LOL… Last month I was in the hospital for a blocked kidney. Last week, I was in the ER and the orthopedic doctor because I fell down the stairs (yeah–we live in a rancher, but somehow I fell down the 3 stairs that we have in our mudroom. Go figure. ROFLOL) Broke my stupid ankle.

    Hoping 2014 is a year of healing and miracles. Looking forward to 2013 ending and getting a fresh, new start.

    Love you soooooooooooo much! HUGEST HUGS to you and your precious family,
    xo Laurie

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