I have a mass in my neck….

Yesterday I went to the doctor to look at a lump in my neck under my jawbone. I was quickly corrected that what I had was not a lump, but a MASS. It is not small and is pressing on both the jaw bone (hence the pain) and the throat (hence the trouble swallowing). I am not sure what one should say when they have been diagnosed with a mass. It is a tumor of some sort.

My son has brain cancer. What am I to think of this whole picture? He had a mass, now I have a mass. I am terrified and terrorized at best.

I have a cat scan at the end of this week. I will walk out with the films and promptly look for lighted up cancers on the films. I am a pro at this by now. I know how to spot cancer, against all better judgement. I have been examining films for months now in order to better understand.

I cannot imagine how to proceed at this point. It is a hard mass. It is pressing on important things. I have been advised that depending on the scans, a specialist will be chosen. ENT dr or oncologist. Oh dear. (obviously understated)….I can not help but imagine how i am going to keep up with my sons care if i have cancer. Even surgery will cause a huge problem. I am scared and human. There is no pride here.

Love, Faith


2 thoughts on “I have a mass in my neck….

  1. Faith, we are praying for you and your family. I am glad you made it to the doctor because you also need to take care of yourself. Mike and I will be back in NJ by Friday. Let me know if you need anything. Take care my friend!

  2. I am so sorry Faith, for all you are dealing with right now. I will now at this new development to my prayers for you. If we lived closer I would do what I could to help. All I can do from here is pray. I am praying this is something benign that can be easily dealt with so you can with taking care of your son.

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