A pebble in a pond becomes a boulder in a puddle!!!!!!!

Tonight I cried…a lot…John John became a fireman. His dream is fulfilled as far as he is concerned. Fireman Kevin is in charge and made him into a real fireman. With the drop of a hat or rather firefighter helmet. John is a real firefighter. Yes, im still crying. In all proper ceremony with a real helmet placed on his head with his name on it, a shirt tailored to his size. He is official. And, boy does he own that firehouse!

It was bitter-sweet for me. I cry because i have seen new symptoms in John John today that are going to bring us back to the oncologist on monday at the brain tumor clinic. I fear the unknown. I know that every day is a gift. I grabbed today with such ferocity that i probably choked its proverbial neck. I was filled with joy, cried with sorrow, and was a proud mom. So jumbled and mixed up all at the same time. It is a roller coaster at best. We live from mri to mri. It is just the way life is for us. I’m not going to invest too much time into worry just now. Today was a celebration of joy!

We didn’t know the news station was going to be there. You can read the article here. We are floored at the love poured out upon us by the Evesham fire department that fireman Kevin must run. At least as far as John John is concerned. We had no idea they had such a wonderful night planned. Coming off of 3 appointments at the children’s hospital today, I had no idea how it would go. We were tired and I was worried John John would not have a good time.

There’s something about the fire station that sparks him to life. He loves it! He wants to be those men. And i want him to be those men. Their hearts are filled with love and kindness. I want that for my son. They are a family of giving people who embrace every quality i wish him to grow into. Giving, empathy, kindness, love, friendship, family, and hearts of gold. And if he doesn’t get the chance to grow into them, I want him to experience those qualities. Today was wonderful. It was a gift from God.

I was in a low place of worry today, and God saw fit to lift me back to joy. bittersweet. I know. it is beautiful. just simply beautiful….

If you would like to help establish John Johns foundation please donate here…to help other families like us!

John John becomes a firefighter 123

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5 thoughts on “A pebble in a pond becomes a boulder in a puddle!!!!!!!

  1. Hi my name is Greg Davis im a Lawnside Vol. Firefighter i saw your story an On Facebook an i would like to say you an your family are in my prayers an i know what you are going through As a parent….i had lost my youngest son early this year An when i saw your story all i can do is cry. Because i can feel the pain …my prayers. Go out to you an your family God bless

  2. So thrilled for John-John to have been made an honorary firefighter! SO precious, Faith! Blessed to see the joy on his sweet little face. Love you, my precious friend. xoxo You are always on my heart and in my prayers.

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