A Panorama of memories

misc 2013 nov 061

There are so many memories in the last 6 years of having more children that make me smile and cry. I just cant put into words how fast babies are suddenly there and then are children. It happens in the flash of a camera lens…I look back and see them tiny.

yep diapers 002

and then this happens!


And I think about it and go, WOAH!  What the heck just happened here.

I am a woman that catches everything on camera. 9000 photos in 6 years. I see my babies grow over and over again. And, it reminds me how fast life goes. I am 32. not very old or young. I am realizing more and more how much life counts every second of every day. It is important. the garbage that happens in between is worthless and perfunctory!!!!! 

Its not just because John John has brain cancer that I think this way. I have always been in awe of time passing! I enjoy the age and stage, even if sometimes from behind a camera.

In short. make work short. make memories big. and record them. My panaroma of memories is so great that I recall every moment of the fun. and even 9000 photos later, its not enough. I wonder what happened in between. I mean look…

Johnbirth 228

John John….Oh my gosh. there arent words, how stinkin cute!


fireman kevin 003

I mean. Time flies so fast! I dont know what i am trying to say, except….grab the moment. It is worth it. so much so, that i regret ever bothering with anything else.

Love Faith





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