Kisses from Heaven

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Tonight, I took extra time with my son. I learned an important lesson, again. Time is precious. I felt the sensation of my lips on the back of his neck. It is poignant and sweet. To kiss the neck of a baby is instant love all over again. As I cuddled him in my arms, I felt the weight of his body and it was perfect. His head in the crook of my arms actually felt good. The look in his eyes of utter comfort, unforgettable. It is the ultimate conformation of love.

He looked up at me and told me he felt tired. I asked him for a kiss. It was a kiss from heaven. so gentle and kind. he wrapped his arms around my neck and the sensation of love was so very big. He is special in my heart. I love him dearly.

I often forget to take time to love gently and accept what love is given to me. His high fives and knuckles are so sweet. his need to be held when he hurts or has a boo boo. they are all sensations in my soul that strike a chord of motherhood and humanity in my heart.

I love to smell his hair…its a sensation in my heart. He smells like a baby. I love to hear the noises when he is asleep and turns over in bed. the little baby whimper still plays out of his breaths out. The little squeak and sigh. It’s so sweet. Straight from heaven, and meant to strike a chord in a mother’s heart.

I fall in love all over again. every time.

to hold a child and comfort, love, receive love, and share in those moments, each other. It is a bond in action. If you’re not careful, you miss it. It passes you by and is gone.

Go cuddle your babies and enjoy the God-given sensations of love created by the power of touch. It is there for the taking and will only deepen your bond with your child. As they grow, the same love is available. the same cuddling. the same sweet moments. the same sensations you remember the day you first held your child. It is really a gift from heaven.

Love always, Faith


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