Mike, Fireman Kevin’s Dad’s work….IT IS CHRISTMAS TODAY!!

Fireman Kevin, his mother Annette, his father Mike, his fiancee, and his sister all came to deliver Christmas today! An early Christmas for John and Hope! It was so beautiful. The outpouring of love from these strangers is nothing short of amazing. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that so many people are loving us and pouring into John Johns life, and ours too.

It encourages me in the dark moments. It frees me up to enjoy the time im blessed to have with my son and our family. Every gift we have been given is appreciated and celebrated! My family is so important to me. I struggle sometimes with what my family would look like without John John. Today was not one of those days. It was so beautiful. John’s hero, Fireman Kevin and his family brought Christmas (Project John John Christmas was done by Fireman Kevins Dad’s employer). Thank you Deana! It was joyous and fun! the children ripped into gifts and fell in love a dozen times. It was what i remember Christmas to be. Magical bliss….

With Love, Faith

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