Hope Lives Here

There is hope in my heart. In my writing. In my anticipation of life ahead of me. In my walk with God. With my expectation of the unknown. Hope. It is a concept of everything and nothing. It is dropping expectations and waiting for the unknown with eager anticipation. I Love Hope.

My husband named my daughter Hope, I thought it was a play off my name. Which is Faith. It was more than that. It was really a foreshadowing of my life. My life has been wrought with trauma and destruction. But, one filled with HOPE. It is the one tangible thing that I can choose to possess and it cannot be stolen. I have hope in my heart.

Trials are a rough thing. They rip and tear at the flesh. But, hope is a healing balm.

John’s situation calls for hope. It is kind of like walking a tightrope. My investment is in Hope is that he will overcome his brain cancer. But, on the other side, my investment is the understanding that I could be kissing him goodbye in a matter of weeks. I walk that line carefully and weigh my thoughts and feelings. I know where I stand. I am fully invested on both sides of that tightrope. But, HOPE lives here.

What does that mean for me? I do not place hope in what hope is not meant to bear. What must support hope, is what is true and unchanging. God is where my hope is placed. The outcome of any part of my life is subject to change on a moments notice. I am ok with the outcome of everything changing on a moments notice. I trust that in the end, life will be a beautiful tapestry. Carefully woven in all of its intricacies. It is this way for YOU too. You just don’t necessarily know it yet. You may not be aware that it can all change in a moment. Its ok, its how most of us live.

Hope in the fact that tomorrow is a new day, is a good way to start with hope. I know each day is a gift in and of itself. I love that. No mystery in scrambled eggs for breakfast and bacon. Just time. I love time spent with my family and my friends. It is where my joy is had. I adore every sensation of every hug. Every kiss misplaced on my eye, instead of my cheek. I love playing legos with my daughter and wrecking cars with my son on his speedway. I love cooking and watching my family eat. I love to watch my family…a lot. I just watch them. I enjoy every bit of pleasure to be had there. This is where HOPE lives.

I give grace to the moments needed, or try my best to. I am not perfect. I try to use my good heart to love others. To help others. That is where hope lives.

I have compassion, empathy, and love to share what I have.

This is where HOPE lives

Love, Faith


One thought on “Hope Lives Here

  1. Faith, thanks to you I found hope.. In the kind words you spoke.. the encouragement you offered.. and the advice you gave.. I was having such a hard time in my life.. you told me to believe.. Because of you I do believe.. I have hope.. And I have faith.. All because I meet you.. My hope for you and your family, is that your prayers be answered, along with mine for you..

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