A pebble dropped into a still pond, Fireman Kevin’s pebble…

fireman kevin2 002

So, you have heard the saying, If you drop a pebble into a clear pond it will make ripples to the edge….i’m not sure i have that quite right, but you get the point. So, Fireman Kevin. I don’t even think he knows what he did. He took one moment out of what he was doing to spark a dream in a little boy. He knelt down and let him touch his helmet. He opened John John’s eyes to real live, with skin on, superhero. His intention was perfect. He wanted to share what he was with a curious child. He showed kindness and did something good for a fellow person. That my friends, created a ripple effect in John Johns world.

Fireman Kevin is the new superman in our house. And, The Evesham Fire Department invited John John out to tour the fire house….now we have an official bromance. I think I hear the name Fireman Kevin at least 50 times a day. And, it sure makes me happy. It makes me remember that humanity is not dead. That people are still willing to drop a pebble of kindness into a pond and allow the ripples to flow…never knowing where it may lead, and attributing nothing to themselves. I love that. It is love. It is what we were made to do for each other.

So, the friday night volunteer company in Evesham invited us out for a night of pizza, fire truck rides, water hose action, and friendly conversation. Yes, they created a dream. John John was most impressed by the fire truck and declared that it belonged to Fireman Kevin šŸ™‚ ….Poor Fireman Kevin is getting his chops busted about the fact that everything in the whole firehouse belongs to him and he happens to be the only firefighter by John John’s estimation. Sorry bout that fireman Kevin.

John got to climb all over the firetrucks and the generous men let him honk every horn, turn on every siren, and even hooked up the pressure hose to the truck so he could squirt all the cars in the parking lot. They showed him the pole the firemen slide down when a call comes in, and they even slid down the pole a couple of times for him. That was a point of wonder for him! His giggle cracks me up!Ā  I almost cried like 20 times. Seriously, I’m stinkin human already. Plus I’m john johns mom. Anyone seeing the joy and wonder on that child’s face would have thought about crying a few times.

For me, i realize that Fireman Kevin is a hero. John John’s hero. And, mine too. He sparked a dream in my son. There were 12 or so other firemen and the chiefs there that night that made it all happen for our son. The chiefs wife hand painted a fire truck ornament with the company’s number on it for John, baked him fire truck cookies, and bought him a ladder truck of his very own. It was love all over the place. People have put their hearts into our lives, and I appreciate it so much that im crying trying to write this post. Gee whiz, lay off the cryin already…right? Nah…. All this sappy stuff reminds me that God works through His people. They served us that night, and they served a child’s dream. That is a remarkable contribution to a little boys life. He will never forget it. Neither will I.

With Love, Faith

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3 thoughts on “A pebble dropped into a still pond, Fireman Kevin’s pebble…

  1. Hello Faith, I enjoyed reading your beautiful post. I feel so fortunate to have been on duty Friday and to therefore share in John’s experience. What a beautiful boy! I loved his excitement and we all loved that he made Kevin honorary chief! I had the pleasure of showing him the ambulance and stretcher – even though we know the firetruck won out! šŸ™‚ He touched us all!
    I have had my own personal experience with cancer and also with helping those closest to my heart. It takes personal strength and also a lot of leaning on friends and family. Wishing you strength and continued support.
    My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family.

    • Jim, I am very grateful for the gift you men gave my son. His time is precious to us and you added goodness to it. I had to laugh with poor Kevin. John John really idolizes him. Its ok, he is a real Chief of dreams. Even if he is not Chief of the fire station. I sure appreciate everything you guys did for us, we had a fantastic time. And, IT MADE A DIFFERENCE. That is the part i focus on. It made a wave of goodness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We appreciate the prayers, thats what keeps us going everyday!

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