This is what brain cancer looks like


Ok, I will try my best to explain what this picture says. On the right is the cancer. It’s the giant thing in the middle filled with bubbles and weird non brain looking like shapes. That is a brain tumor that was taking up over half of John’s head. Everything on the right side lighting up is cancer. Or cancerous filled pockets within the tumor. There is very little brain around it on the right side. (which is actually the left half of the brain, the mri is reversed). On the left side of the picture is a huge opening. This is the ventricle that pumps fluid from the brain to the spine. but, the tumor is blocking it so much that it has caused hydrocephalus. That means the fluid is trapped in the head. So there is massive pressure inside of the head at this point. On the right, there is no ventricle. It is compressed so severely that you cant even see it. Very scary mri.


Now, this is the last mri image of John John’s brain. See the hole in the middle? That’s where the cancer lives. it’s that little white rim towards the top right inside of the hole. The hole has shrunk a lot. That is what happens. The brain collapses around where the tumor used to be and the hole shrinks. We watch that rim like a hawk and with grave anticipation that it may grow with every mri. The empty space on the top right of the brain is now just fluid. You can’t grow new brain. It will forever be fluid. As the brain collapses it causes pressure on different parts of the brain. So, right now its all about frontal lobe brain damage. So….now you know what brain cancer looks like. Feel free to ask questions.

Love Always, Faith


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