The Heart of the matter

My heart is broken and peaceful all at once. You see, I grab days like today and hang on to them. I know that my most important job as a mother is to create a wonderful childhood for my children. I want to teach them, impart life lessons to them, have fun with them, and help them create great memories.

I could sit in worry every day I live. And some days, in my selfishness, I do sit and worry. But, today was not one of those days. I grabbed a memory of my younger years and ran with it. I used to love to take my older children to the pumpkin patch and take pictures. What on earth is as cute as a kid in the fall sitting amongst the pumpkins? And, what on earth is as fun as hunting the fields to find just the right pumpkin to take home? It’s just fun! The hay ride is just the best. Old tractors pulling you out to the field. Can you imagine just for a moment you’re a small child and how neat the tractor looks. As you climb onto the hayride, you have no idea what the thing is going to do or where it is going to go! What excitement! And, you get to go hunting for this elusive pumpkin at the end! How stinkin cool is that??!! I get all giddy at the thought too!

johnsons farm oct 2013 002 johnsons farm oct 2013 120 johnsons farm oct 2013 189

It was a day without worry. It was just fun. That is where the heart of the matter lies. What shall I create in my heart today? Shall I rise up and say, “this is a day The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”? Or shall I waste my day on worry “do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough troubles of its own.” What I set my heart to do, my mind will follow. And, it is true. If I set my heart on anxiety, my mind will follow. If I set my heart on joy, my mind will follow. If i set my heart on irritation, my mind and actions will follow. So make up your mind each day!

It’s about owning the day. Set your heart right and own the day. Look up to the sky and realize love is what you want to sew into today and just do it.

I look at the 6 loads of clean laundry on my office floor and kind of laugh. It will still be there tomorrow. I have lost no joy because of unfolded laundry. I wouldn’t take back today if i could. Live with out abandon when it comes to your family.

With Love, Faith


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