John John’s league of superheros


John John was recently given a handmade superhero cape with a capital J on it. It’s because someone he doesn’t even know loves him. I have never met this person and there are many more like her. John knows he has brain cancer. In whatever way a 4-year-old can comprehend. He also knows that he is treated specially in a lot of situations. He receives extra gifts and attention. I say what other child deserves it more. He is a superhero in my life. He endures iv’s, repeated mri’s, never-ending doctor visits, never-ending therapy sessions, never-ending headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, he can’t get his body to do what it used to be able to. There is insult added to injury because he is not potty trained. He can’t get up on the potty or use his hands right to pull his pants down. He hates his diapers and asks for underwear all the time. He knows all the other kids are potty trained. (yes I have tried the underwear thing) It is not a lack of training, he used to be trained. He just isn’t able to be independent enough to manage the toilet alone. Noises scare john john. (sensory input is not processed properly) Brain damage. He doesn’t see things the same way we do. There is some loss of vision most likely. We will see the neuro ophthalmologist soon to assess what fields of vision are gone. The bottom like. The boy struggles through every day. He struggles hard with a smile on his face and a sweet loving heart. That is what makes him a superhero. Despite all odds, he musters will unlike most children his age to press forward. That spirit is a bright fire in our lives. We pray for him constantly in 100 different ways. But, mostly I pray his spirit is never broken.


The other superheros in our life, my brother and his work PEER1 hosting. They helped fundraise while John John was in the hospital to help purchase our new minivan. (affectionately called the red wiggles van) Without that measure of love, I do not know where we would be today. Thank you so much PEER 1 family, we love you and are so grateful.


So many people we know and don’t have come along side us during this trial and blessed us with more help than I could ever have imagined. They are superheros.

But, they did something more for me. You see, I never believed that anyone really loved me enough to come along side me during real crisis. I never trusted the relationships I had as “real”. All of these people have sewn into my life the understanding that love is indeed real. That I do have a family that loves and cares for me. A network of family and friends that are tangible. That are willing to sacrifice for our good. That will rally when we are in need. I thank them for breaking a diseased thought in my heart. I now can trust again. Every superhero out there has contributed to this understanding. It is a gift that has allowed me to relax and not worry. A gift that has enabled me to enjoy my time with my family right now. It is a gift that will allow the rest of our lives to be different.

These are our superheros, Along with many other friends whose gifts were not recordable. Luke Fraser, Jimmy Schwartz, anonymous, Jessica and Harry Lewis, Anne Lewis, Amanda Buck, Lisa and Carol, my book club, my minichurch, my supporters and all the people who visited. When I tried to count…I came up with 278 visitors in 5 weeks. That is life changing.

Love Always, Faith

Arthur Meyerovich
Terri Braun
Michael Mayer
Doris Rauh
Raymond-Hawkinson Family
Marko Obad
Jennifer Notarianni
Tomas Juarez
Joseph Ingaharro
Brian Beaudoin
The Lattarulo Family
Mark Anderson
Hannah Howard
Tim Varma
Melissa Dinse
Joshua Antunes
Matthew Weng
Jamie Close
April McIntyre
Therese Louise Kehner
Kamen Petrov
Jet VF
Elizabeth Millin
Jeremy McKinley
Nikkolai Turkleson
Jordan Waslowski
Stephanie & Dave stone-robb
Jason Atkinson
Lisa Barberi
Gretchen DiBella
Bobbie Ebert
Sharon Roth
Sloane Lamboy
Robb Cavalluzzi
Lisa Cooper
Ann Caputo
Melanie Logan
Kimberly James
Scott DeVoe
Sara Winklejohn
Natalie Silva
Geoffrey Ois
Jason Brewer
Jesus Lopez
Frank DiRocco
Anthony Tattersall
Jennifer Gilchrist
Hoover Family
Paul & Lindsay Haynes
Anthony Taliercio
Normajean Slagel
Anthony Taliercio
Aimee Jeeves
Fabio Banducci
Benjamin Young
Carrie Bickhart
Elizabeth Latham
Albert Bicchi
Greg Negelow
Kevin Whitton
Michael Smith
Javier Gonzalez
Michael Saucedo
Sheila Hodgkinson
Kevin Lee
Noe Ibarra
Nicole Vaughan
Richard J Lopez
Wesley Farnum
Marian Louie
The Prance Family
Yvonne Garibay
Aaron Moon

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