Spank my doda, the reality of real in your face brain damage

I’m going to be frank here. This post is not for the faint of heart. So, if your easily offended. Walk away now. Because this one might strike a chord.

Now, if your one of those weird people (like I am) that would read on in disgusting fascination. fine. but, again…not for the faint of heart.

Lets talk about frontal lobe brain damage for a moment. Specifically lack of sexual inhibition.

read here about normal 4-year-old sexual understanding, then come back.

now read here about frontal brain damage, then come back for our story.

Ok, so between the two links you can see where I am going with this. Lack of inhibition, lack of impulse control, sexual interest, plus the ringer, age 4….oh boy, this is gonna be a doozie.

So, John seems to have an unusual interest in the subject of spanking his doda. Cute, he is 4 and wants his bottom to be pat. As a mother, i imagine him with this series of issues at age 30. Not so cute. This is truly how I view all aspects of his brain damage. It’s so easy to just simply say, “He is 4”. And dismiss. Or, “In time it will heal”. yeah, then suddenly you’re a walking miracle and you are an outcast of society because no one helped you regain your impulse control or sexual inhibition.

People laugh because John likes to sit on my hip with one hand on my breast. Cute, he’s 4. Well, if he were 30 it would not be so cute. People like to laugh because more than one friend have been given a cute little bottom pat by my son. “He’s 4” not so cute if your 30.

So, you see where were going with this. Brain damage is serious business. it takes a long time to heal. If you thought training your child was difficult in a normal circumstance, I am here to tell you, this is child training on crack.

Anywhoo, what do we do with this mess of dodas and breasts…..child training. Yes, I studied under the yoda of child training. A mother of 7 who was a very attentive parent. She was a master at honing the habits of a child. What does this look like?

John, “spank my doda” Mom “John, we don’t ask anyone to touch that part of us. It is a private part. No one may touch your private parts. (employ diversion) Please choose a toy to play with”

scenario: John is grabbing my breast. “John, girls don’t want you to touch them there, please hold my shoulder”

scenario: John is patting a friends bottom. “John, we don’t touch people there. It is a private part. We don’t touch other people’s private parts”.

repeat 100 times as necessary while removing said hand.

Perfect parenting? Absolutely not. But, it’s the best series of repetitive, drill it into your little head, lines I can come up with for now. I know that repetition is what rewires the brain. repeat new movements or thoughts and create new pathways in the brain. So, I am going to roll with that. Like I said, child training on crack.

Look, (defensive mode totally kicking in) this is our reality. As ugly or offensive as it may seem to you. This is what is a real part of brain damage and brain cancer. Its totally not p.c., just sayin.

lower your expectations a bit, will ya?

With the deepest sympathy if you read to the end of this post, Faith


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