What the heck??!! Quick update…

quick update…John’s right sided weirdness has taken some odd turn.  I have no doctor’s opinion on this, so i will just give it to you mom style, straight up and fresh.
So, previously his right had massively increased muscle tone. Every muscle was flexed all the stinking time. It made moving especially difficult. The increased muscle tone caused him to have to fight against what his muscles were doing on their own, to progress in therapy. So, a week ago…I noticed him walking without his brace on his flat foot. This is rather odd, since his tumor symptoms emerged 5 months ago, he has been walking on the side of his right foot. The foot tucked under his ankle. He has caused many blood blisters on the side of the foot from this….He seemed to decrease in the frequency of headaches at that time too. I have counted 3 headaches in 8 days, as opposed to 30 in the previous 36 days…marked decrease. So, I have been watching him carefully…The only other detail that i have noticed thus far is, he is able to jump with both feet together. That is also an odd thing. Previously, he was unable to coordinate his body hemispheres together to any degree. Jumping had looked a lot like his left side jumping and his right side not knowing to move….so, odd…

The only comment i got today from the therapist, was, “I have never seen this drastic a change in tone happen so quickly”. Idk….

My thoughts go to,

#1 he has lost so much stinking weight. Perhaps his muscle is wasting away… maybe there’s less tone because of less muscle.

#2 his brain collapsed more in the last mri. Maybe it is a structural thing. Perhaps the way his brain is resting now is different as the cavity where the tumor was collapses.

#3 maybe his body is giving up the fight…who knows, what is the progression of brain cancer in real-time? I don’t see that one layed out anywhere…just sayin…

It is what it is, whatever that is..



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