On my heart today

IMAG0920 IMAG0421 IMAG0456 texas2008 007I will take a few minutes to just let you all know where I as a mother am. I know that you think about my child, and you say you don’t know how you would get through this. I will be the first one to tell you, I didn’t know I had IT until I needed IT. You know what i am talking about. Gumption, Faith in God and His plan, strength, peace, the ability to go sleepless for days on end. You think, I can not imagine if this were my child. Well, hundreds of things have touched your life so far. Normally these tragedies strike someone else and only briefly touch your life. Long enough to strike a moment of fear. Long enough to thank God for your healthy family. I pray that this situation strikes you in a very different way.

I want you to imagine, just for a moment, that your youngest child has brain cancer. Did you feel that thing your heart just did? That was fear already present. Your new reality is that there are no guarantees. You know your child is ok today. Tomorrow you could be in the hospital again. Your child could have their head cut open, a surgeon’s knife inside of their precious brain. God forbid you could lose that child after spending a great day together doing something completely normal. Are you feeling sick yet?

What would you choose to do today differently? Would you let him/her destroy the house without a second thought? And, stop to take joy in the play? Would cleaning after they went to bed seem like such a big deal anymore?  Would it matter if they walked around with pajamas on until 5 pm? Would it matter if they ate popcorn for breakfast? How much would the details of life really matter? As mothers we focus in hard on controlling every detail of what our lives should look like. We are the masterminds of our families lives. I will be the first to tell you, I have wasted a lot of time. Dear God, I was so busy making things look nice. I was watching my life and seeing my children’s lives as their own. I was thinking of the things i had to do, most days as priority.  We teach our children all of the right and wrong things praying that it means they will grow up to be amazing adults. That they will fear and love God, that they will have beautiful families of their own, that they will be successful in every endeavor.

We as adults, strive to keep pace with the demands of life without giving a second thought to what we are giving up by focusing so hard on what we need to do next in a day.

The list, the never-ending list. We all have it. Throw it away, please, I beg you, cut it in at least half. Relax with your family more. Do fun things with your children. Smile at them every chance you get. Remember that everything does not have to be perfect. The closer you are to perfection, the farther away you really are from what counts. Remember that your relationships are as gold in your heart. Love first. Dig deeply to love. Try hard to love. Make loving people your priority. Make that number 1 on your list today.

I can only beg you from the position of a place you never want to enter into. Re evaluate your priorities. You will not be sorry you did.

❤ Faith


2 thoughts on “On my heart today

  1. Faith
    That was right from the heart. Nothing held back. Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom with us. We hear it all the time but don’t really get it. Iam stopping now and laying on the floor to play with my children.

    • I’m so glad MaryJo, please remember you can’t get back a single moment…..I knew it before this, but I never did anything about it.

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