The peditrician’s office #2

Everyone who knows me, knows I particularly dislike pediatricians. I made an educated discussion to not vaccinate. I use homeopathic methods to treat illness at home. The pediatricians do not like parents like me. There is sound logic and information behind each choice I make about my children’s health. I was not raised to be a follower, but an independent thinker. (Off my soapbox). So, I scheduled the appointment with the pediatrician. I requested a full physical for both children. Two birds with one stone, right?
The doctor focused right in on a fear based lecture about vaccines right off the bat. I politely listened and gently explained that I would take his advice into consideration. He briefly looked my children over. He did no neurological exam. (Note to self). He asked all the social interrogation questions. (How bout none ya?). Then he asked me if I had any concerns. I explained carefully each oddity I had observed in my son. His foot turns in, his ankle buckles, he falls a lot, he sees weaker on his whole right side, he drools, his balance seems to be deteriorating, he do sent use his right hand much. Again, no neurological exam. (Getting angry) he watched my son attempt to run down the hallway. Looked in his eyes. It was declared an orthopedic issue, probably in the hip. (Getting livid) I asked the man why it seemed his whole right side was deteriorating if he simply had an issue in his hip. He said he would give me a ref feral to the orthopedic dr then we would see a neurologist later if the orthopedist thought it was necessary. I could see precisely what was going on here. The stupid paranoid mother who was overanxious about a little common in toeing. Fine, there’s more than one way to get a ref feral to a neurologist. I had just been blown off.
The orthopedic appointment was set for three weeks away. I went home and told Steve I needed his help to figure this problem out. I made lists o f all of his “quirks” and odd behaviors. We watched our son intently for a week or so. Every move his body made, every compensation he made for an activity he had difficulty completing, his temper tantrums, his anger, his frustration, his irritation overall. Something became quickly evident to me. He was in pain. At the same time each morning. 11am.
One morning, about 11 am he was melting down as per his usual. I sat him on the kitchen counter next to me so I could make lunch. He said to me, “I’m tired, my head hurts”. I took pause for a moment. I thought to myself, “you didn’t write headaches on your list”. I thought headaches were his gimmick. Every child has a gimmick. They figure out one thing they can say that demands immediate attention. My children usually pull their individual gimmicks out in an effort to divert attention away from a naughty behavior they just engaged in. In Johns case, that was his usual complaint after he hits his sister or throws a fit. After all, if I’m paying attention to a headache I’m not disciplining him. Makes sense. So, I decided to give him a half dose of motrin and see if he had any behavior changes. 22 minutes, he was a different child. My wheels began to turn. I had assumed any pain he might be having would be in his ankle. It had not occurred to me that he might actually be having headaches. I watched him run off to play. I decided to watch him headache complaints carefully. At 5 pm like clockwork he began to complain again that he was tired and wanted to lay down. I gave him motrin again, and he popped right up after 20 minutes and ran off to play. The attitude was gone, the screaming stopped, the anger, the irritation, the frustration evaporated. He must have been in pain for months. He just couldn’t verbalize it.
I called my pediatrician, I politely explained that I had noticed some new things in my child that were very abnormal. Headaches, decreasing balance, increasing falls….I asked please for a referral to a neurologist. I was told to wait, wasn’t I seeing an orthopedist soon? Blown off again. So, Steve and I went back to Google. So far we had come up with cerebral palsy as a distinct possibility. The ortho appointment was the following week.
We had noticed something else, as if there weren’t enough. Weird vomiting episodes. We had figured out it wasn’t in correlation with any particular foods. It happened at different times, different locations ( car, bed, ballgames) and he would lay down ad sleep for 4 or 5 hours afterwards. I suspected seizures of some sort. I was at a loss for what to do. These episodes were increasing in frequency over the last few weeks. Then it hit me. He had to have a brain tumor. Nothing else would account for this particular set of symptoms. The symptoms fit to a tee. Every last one of them.


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