CVS and Walgreens this week



I bought some good stuff for gift baskets this week at my favorite stores!

4 Glade candles = $10

4 Glade Glass scents = $10

– 2 $1.50/2 Glade candles (10/12 smart source newspaper)

– 2 b1g1 Glade glass scents (10/12 smart source newspaper)

-3/$15 cvs coupon

$10 bucks out of pocket (I used my extra bucks)

$10 extra care bucks back = FREE


10 Hershey special dark candy bars at $.89/ea

5 coupons for b1g1 free (give cashier this coupon first so they will take off $.89 cents x 5) 11/9 smart source newspaper insert

1 in ad coupon from Walgreen’s flier for $.39/ea Hershey candy bars


Now, if you are scratching your head on the walgreens deal…here’s the thing, each walgreens store is different. Mine doesn’t bother with the limit on the in ad coupon, cause they know me. I am always polite! I always share my deal cheat sheets with the cashiers. I also always check out at photo to avoid jamming the line! They like me at my Walgreens, It is hilarious really….They greet me with, “Watch out, here comes the best shopper in the world” I say, “gather round, let me teach you”. So, the order of the coupons is important too….if you gave them the in ad coupon first, you would walk out paying about 2 bucks for your candy bars, because it would reduce the price to $.39. Then, when you gave them the b1g1 coupons they would only take $.39 off instead of $.89 x5…..did ya get that? Well, enjoy your free stuff!



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