Basic Garlic pasta sauce covers a mulitiude of ruts

Do you ever get stuck in a cooking rut? I do…..I have a collection of recipes that I use frequently, that are quick, healthy, and pleasing to picky children and husbands the whole family! One of these is basic garlic sauce.

3-4 tbsp of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

1/2 onion (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

Put these items in a sauce pan over medium heat, saute until the garlic and onion are soft and translucent. (this step is where you add any other veggies you want in your past, I like zucchini and bell pepper) Add to this:

2 tbsp of Italian seasoning and a cube of chicken bullion…stir until bullion is dissolved…add to this…

1/8 cup flour….stir until oil is absorbed by flour….add to this…

2-3 cups water

bring to simmer until it is slightly thickened…if it is too thick add more liquid, but wait until it has simmered before you determine if it is thick enough. start with two cups….go to three if you need it.

A cool trick to turn this into Alfredo sauce is to replace the water with milk……all other ingredients are the same…when it is done cooking,  remove from heat and add 1 cup of your favorite Italian cheese (Parmesan, Romano, or whatever you have on hand)….

to turn it into mac and cheese, go with the milk instead of the water, remove from heat when thickened and add 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (more if you want it really cheesy)

pour over cooked drained pasta of your choice! 10 minutes, easy and a crowd pleaser…easy to switch up and get you out of a rut!



2 thoughts on “Basic Garlic pasta sauce covers a mulitiude of ruts

  1. Thank You! I have to say, this is the most versatile sauce I know of… I hope your family enjoys this one as much as mine!

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