Who’da thought it’d make a bit of difference?!

Laundry is not my friend! I despise laundry day (like I should really complain about 3 loads a week)… Well, let’s go back to last Saturday. A lady at church gave me two boxes of clothes in my daughter’s size. They had been through both of her girls…well, I was so amazed at the condition of these clothes….absolutely impeccable! Stain free, pill free, nice lookin’ used clothes! (mine are lookin kinda sad after a month) I began to wonder what in the world I was doing wrong reevaluate my laundry process…. So, I turned to the trusty Internet… and wouldn’t you know it, I found some easy ways to correct my laundry woes….

#1 Don’t use fabric softener… This was an epiphany, (why oh why should I not use fabric softener?) I LIKE  the smell! The short of the long is, they wear the clothes out faster by chemically softening (breaking down fibers) your clothes! I am switching back to the nice smellin ‘anti-static dryer sheets.

#2 Don’t use chlorine bleach… duh….I only use this on my rags from my rag bucket…

#3 Use a good stain remover on your clothes, and don’t wash in Hot….Hot sets the stains….hot dulls the colors..hot wastes electricity…hot is bad….new one on me, i always figured you throw the really stained clothes together, put in extra detergent and crank on the hot…woopsie…

#4 Turn clothes inside out (this sounds like too much work for me) I will try it on the jeans and see if it makes any difference…

So, this is what I learned….I want to try to take better care of the clothes around here. After all, not many mothers can say they only have to do laundry once a week. Might as well perfect it before having to do 15 loads a week like my best friend over at shipfullofpirates



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