How to be like mike…….

These are some of the sites that gave me a great education in the area of how to get stuff for cheap and FREE frugality… I keep tabs on the deals… This week was Walgreen’s, I got an 8×10 photo, four coffee mate creamers, 4 cans of progresso soup for…….1.48….I put that on a gift card… Cvs, 4 St. Ives body washes, 5 Palmolive dish washing liquids, Garnier fructis shampoo, and 4 tubes of crest pro health toothpaste for……drumroll……..$.31…yes, i did say thirty one cents….so, this week I win…anyway, enough bragging. Educate yourselves ladies, cause if you can shave the price of these items off of your grocery budget…..duh, you will keep that money in your pocket!





coupon cravings


Now that last link, we do this….it works. I have $1000 that proves it. Can we say Christmas? Thank You Lord!



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