But, I got it for Free…That makes it Mine!

What am I doing with all this cvs and walgreens loot my house is stuffed to the gills with? God has seen fit to bless me with? Here is my list o’ stuff with a mission…

Cereal, powdered milk, beans, jello, formula samples

….. all goin’ to the food pantry run by the Seventh Day Adventists. Thanks to my DH, I am armed with much prayer and information on why they are a cult. But, every month I go work along side these ladies and help em pass out food to the poor. These ladies love to talk about how good God is to everyone, and Praise God! I have been given many opportunities to testify to these ladies about how God is working in my life. We had a bible study with one of them (my husband used to work with the counter the cult ministries). Very interesting to see this happen….I might pop popcorn and sell tickets to the next bible study at our house.

anyway…..back to the cvs and walgreens loot

I have been chucking all the “good” items into a drawer all year for christmas baskets…. Expensive shampoos, razor gift sets, foofey wrinkle cream high end skin enhancers, face scrubs, face cleansers, nail polish, glade candle holders, fabric fresheners, candy (choc), gum, any goodie really worth recieving……think, things I would love to have but never buy for myself…….we make baskets to give when we are invited to someones house during the holidays, baskets for gifts to family, and of course we always load em with baked goods too!


Babywash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, shaving cream, diapers, wipes, and odds and ends from the pantry….

Christian Caring Center, our church supports this place and we feel it is a worthy donation site. The items are given directly to needy people and the Word is ministered to them there too!

So, my ridiculous stash that is junking up every closet in my house my Blessings from Above, have served the needs of our house and gone to help do The Lord’s work!! Woo Hoo for donation!!



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