Shoppin’ My Way

I was in utter total dismay yesterday when I signed into and realized there was no online coupon available for $ of my purchases (eg. $2/ off a purchase of $10). So, Scrap cvs this week…..(I’m not done with them yet….I have patience) So, I started looking around at who had what on sale, and what I needed……Scrubbing bubbles…….we like em……they clean stuff without much effort…….Walgreens……Now, I have been saving my coupons like a good shopper for a long time. I started the monumental dig. Goal: any scrubbing bubbles coupons or related products…..So, after a year at my desk an hour digging out coupons for my 4 stores this week. I will share what I did at Walgreens with you…….

4 cans of scrubbing bubbles $10

2 scrubbing bubbles wipes $5

2 scrub bubb toilet gels     $9.50

1 scrub bub shower foam $ 3.99

3 crest toothpastes $5.96

3 crest toothburshes $5.96

1 6hr energy shot (filler) $3.99

subtotal bout $44


4 $1.00 off scrubbing bubbles coupons

1 $1.00 off shower foamer

2 $1.00 off toilet gel

1 b1g1 shower wipes

1 $1 off shower wipes

3 $1 off crest toothbrushes

3 $1 off crest toothpaste

3 $1 off crest toothpaste (walgreens coupon)

3 $1 off crest toothbrushes (walgreens coupon)

total is 23.50

used giftcard

I will get back $14.50 in rebates…..(I could have worked this out to be free, but I wouldn’t have got what I actually will use) (I do love that toilet gel, it covers a multitude of woes)



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