Keeping your mind right with the Man

Anyone who knows me, know I am an avid reader. I can go through a scary number of books in a week if I settle in and read. But, there are a few books I read on a regular basis to keep my mind focused on God. In the area of parenting I happen to be a fan of Michael and Debi Pearl and their book “To Train up a Child”. It helps keep my focus on child training in line with God’s. They also have a great website that is an abundant resource for parenting ideas and problem solving ideas.

I also like just about any book by Elizabeth Elliot. Lately I have been referring often to “Keep A Quiet Heart”. I find that she has a style of writing and laying out her ideas that is easy to follow. The Lord has laid a plan out for my life, and it is so easy to get side tracked. Fighting against what is natural in our tendencies is the hardest thing we will struggle with as women on this earth. Mrs. Elliot remindes us not just of what we should be thinking and doing, but why. I have found that knowing why we do the things we do is essential in growing into a mature adult and parent. This book has been an encouraging resource for me.

The last book I seem to refer back to often is A.W. Tozer’s “The Pursuit of God”. Now this is a meaty book, and I tend to read only one chapter at a time. If you want to truly “find God” in an intellectual way in your life and heart, this one is for you. It is one man’s instruction manual on how he followed hard after God, and what the Lord revealed to him in his life and spirit. A truly deep read.

I love reading, and not every book I read is study. Make time to read. If your children see you reading and enjoying it, they will learn to as well.



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