My Mission

So, Who am I and what do I have to say? My name is Faith and I am a wife to Steve and a mom/stepmom. We are a blended family trying to live in the world and not be of it. I am a worker for God first, others second, and I put my faith in God to take care of my needs.

I adore shopping, and love bargin hunting. I am a CVSer, a Walgreens pro, and a coupon hog! I did the cut my grocery bill by half, and now I don’t even shop at the grocery very often…….I have moved beyond! I have spread the word of God in almost every store I frequent, I have given and recieved encouragement, found fellow christians, and by God’s grace helped a few new ones!

I love huge projects at home. Tearing stuff up and putting it back together is definately my idea of fun! Through some of these remodeling, landscaping, and repair projects…..I have met most of my curious neighbors and been able to create opportunities to spread the Gospel again! Praise God!

I love to cook. I love to feed people, it’s something I enjoy greatly.

I have a wonderful Husband who is a man on God’s mission for his life as well…. He is my partner, best friend, leader of our family, and my best source of encouragement.

We have 5 children between the two of us. In order of birth…Heather 23, Anthony 21, Jenna 20, Zoey 8, and Hope 10 months. It is a yours, mine, and ours kinda family. We struggle with the best of ’em spiritually, and try to help each other where we can and encourage each other to grow according to God’s plan for our lives.

So, I want to open a window to my world to whom ever would like a peek…..

God Bless,



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